Tuesday, 23 January 2007

ze voodoo magick

“The spell worked”

A small yet very smug smile was tucking at the corners of Stef Gwenani’s slightly skew mouth. “My delectably evil plans for the bucketeers are ALL falling in place and there is nothing they can do about it!” She giggled manically. Her frenzied giggle rapidly turned into a whorish cackle and for a moment she had to stop. Turning as inconspicuously as she could, she quickly checked in the mirror to see if she actually peed herself.

“Thank Mariah Carey! I’m clean!” she mumbled as O’Foxy entered the lavish room.

“Who’s clean?” O’Foxy asked only to shrink back against the wall as Stef gave her a death stare. “eh... Mariah’s 7th clone is finally clean…eh… ” suddenly not so confident anymore, she mumbles “…you know…hmmm... Mariah has been replaced 6 times before, it’s all those slutty heels, the clones are always falling off the stage, and the 7th clone has finally gone off the painkillers…uh... never you mind anyway O’Foxy… how are we doing with the experiment?”

“Nearly there Miss Gwenani… nearly there. We only need the dried up tongue of Celine Dion and the toenail clippings of Hillary Clinton and we will be able to complete the final stage of our plan”

“Good!” Stef whispered as she stroked the corpse of Celine Dion, still clutching her oversized chin in an eternally horrific scream (or was that just a last note?) hung against the wall to dry out. “Her voice will go on... And what have you heard from Commander DeadasHell?”

“Everything is set. Only 5 more minutes before my foolish brother and his friends drive straight into our trap. The rest of his troop has surrounded the Misty Castle and as you know the spell has worked on that idiotic Misty Rockchild. That subconscious skanky 2nd personality you have created with the dark voodoo magick, will take her place in Misty’s mind and the real Misty will be lost forever!”

Both evil nemeses snorted with delight, only to stop at the same time. Weak bladders were obviously a problem for slappers with world domination schemes… tut tut…

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