Thursday, 18 January 2007

The stranger behind my eyes.

Misty felt Pandemonia’s whimpering cry echo through the very core of her being. Khe-kah! She cried out again – miserably. She crossed the large room, making for the window. There was something Desperate in Pandemonia's cry.....

Pandemonia and Misty had been psycodelically linked ever since they had come out of the bucket.

Misty knew that their respective destinies were somehow intertwined and that it would one day be revealed to them.

The Rockchild Mountain Citadel was located high up in the Misty Mountains, protected by all sorts of mountain dwellers. As Misty gazed out of the window, a fuzzy mountain monkey appeared before her. “You summoned me Child of the Mountain?” he squeaked. “Hieronymus – I wish to know the identity of the one who dared take the Princess from us”. “Mistress, there have been rumours up and down the mountain of sightings of Stef Gwenani and whispers of a strange but vicious associate known only as Foxy”.

Misty gazed off into to mist as she tried to recall what she knew of these creatures. She remembered that Stef Gwenani had tried to climb into the bucket once and that it had rejected her.

“Undoubtedly, these villains have been introduced to supply us with a foe to meet in battle, which will eventually lead up to a battle of epic proportions!”.

“Undoubtedly Mistress”.

“Hieronymus, I feel danger approaching…. Will you go and look?

And keep an eye out for our friends – I can feel that they are close too”.

“I will Mistress”.

Left alone with her unsettling feelings, she had an even more unsettling feeling in the pit of her_



“Danger! Danger approaches!”

Misty gazed out of the window and saw a large group of dark, cloaked individuals come up the mountain pass. They looked as though they were wearing gas masks and they were running in a straight line, looking very intent on reaching the top of the mountain in a hurry.



“Prepare for an invasion – and make sure our friends get here safely”.

Without a moment to lose, Misty went to her bedroom to suit up in a tight-fitting, white body suit. She was going to be ready…

“Ow!” She cried as another sharp pain shook her to the ground. Crouching on the floor in front of the mirror, she felt the presence of another… a stranger… yet somehow familiar… “Fanny Flasher!” she exclaimed, loudly, before passing out.

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