Wednesday, 17 January 2007

Meanwhile, while being trapped and tortured...

PandeMonia (that's PRINCESS to you, boy) was dripping with anticipating pleasure...

"Oh, yes!, -pleasant pause -YEAH baby -heaving breaths- OH Girls...I'm com aah, -moans & groans- aaahh

I'm going to come now.... "

(Anti Climax)

"NOOOOO! Why cant you just let me ORGASM!" O gasm gasm gasm.. (The princess's outcries echoed through the gloomy chambers)

"You keep on stimulating me up until that very point of pleaSURE, -pause to accentuate PLEASURE- just to let me hang here against this hot pink wall and EVERY time you leave me with......NOTHING!"

"This is torture!"

"That is exactly what it is meant to be" - The Princess looked up only to stare into the cold, cruel eyes of the evil master mind behind her kidnapping. "Oh shut the fuck up Steff Punani - or whatever you call your stupid cloned cunt these days!" (The princess is quite obviously fuming now)

"Now, Now Princess: don't wrinkle your panties"

"OFoxy, why don't you just SLAP her again!

and YOU, -breathes deeply to fill her lungs, for she is about to scream them out-

YOU whore: Cant you see that: I AM NOT WEARING ANY PANTIES! "

oH, how the Princess was whimpering and longing for her very misterious Misty...she past out from exhaustion while her thoughts were still echoing through the lusty gloomy chambers of her evil capturer..... Misty Misty Misty isty sty y yee

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