Wednesday, 3 January 2007

Misty muses into the bucket and has a seizure….

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Misty was staring off into the bucket when it happened.

A sudden flash – a crack – a bang - and suddenly it was quiet.

In the gloom she could see the faces of her fellow bucketeers, but they were faded off into the background somehow…

Before her eyes, she caught glimpses of mountains and light streaming and glittering down them.

She had a feeling of great contentment and yet a strange pang of longing for something. She had no idea what it was. Then she heard it……………..

It was a song. The sound of it echoed through the mountains and flooded down to the plain where she was standing. The melody was familiar to her and even though it was in a strange tongue, she could somehow understand a bit of it.

It said:

Follow the sound of your footsteps on the sand,

it will lead you to where you need to go,

where you need to go you will find what you are looking for

and only then realise what the purpose for it all has been;

Follow the depths of your imagination, search yourself and search your feelings

Deep within you lies the answer, you already know it somehow but must first find the words;;

Do not despair for THEY will always be with you to guide you and keep you from harm, but do not forget the bucket that you sprung from, for it is a source of power that will feed your hunger for life;

Follow the sound of your own heart beating and return once more to the place of your creation, return to us oh bright shining star of our hearts”.

Misty felt a tear run down her face and caught it in her hand.

She looked around her and saw the others in the room – her only friends.

Pandemonia and ohmygodit’sKyle! were eyeing each other hungrily – something was up….. The others were staring at the bucket in expectation: As if it contained all the answers…… Nobody seemed to have noticed her dreamy episode.

Misty felt weak and collapsed to the floor. As she lay there panting - recovering her bucket breath,

she resolved to go in search of that mountain – to adhere to the words of the song and also to heed the warning concealed within it.

She would leave the bucket only for short periods of time, but always return to it so that it can rejuvenate her and keep her safe. However, she had to leave it to search for the mountain …. She knew the answers awaited her there … she could feel it somehow… she felt drawn to it.


R2K said...

: )

Anonymous said...

Rock on!

Meany•Quinn said...

I think you have a hole in your bucket.

slaghammer said...

Where can I get one of those buckets? I have a cardboard box, but it has a tendency to fall apart when it gets wet, which of course is exactly when I need it most.