Tuesday, 16 January 2007

E! ze Bucket

Skreech! Bang! "OhMyGodItsKyle" O yelped as he landed on the hood of the Polka dot Ferrari.

He hadn't seen the headlights burning around the bend of the Misty pass on descent from his last jump and seeing as OKyle was eyeing himself in his rearview mirror; the sudden appearance of O came as a shock to his slightly intoxicated and overly jumpy nerves. He slammed on the brakes sending O and the girl on his back flying into the night. Luckily a bubblegum shroom cushioned their fall and as they rolled off of the sticky fungus, OKyle appeared out of the mist like an Oompaloompa on crack.

"What the fuck were you thinking? I almost peed my pants" he screamed as O rose to his feet
"Sorry doll, I didn't see you. I've been jumping all night and the mist is so thick" O replied
"Yes I know. It’s the Rockchild. Her pain causes it"
"Misty!" exclaimed O remembering the reason for all the hopping. "What happened to her tonight? I had this horrible vision...."
"It’s Pandemonia. She's gone" said OKyle, with a trembling voice
"Gone?! But...but how?"
"I'm not sure, but I'll bet my rhinestone encrusted whip that, that super bitch Stef Gwenani is behind this. She's the only being wicked enough to forge such a horror"
"Stef who?"
"You know. Stef Gwenani. The evil second rate clone of the Goddess of Pop Culture, Gwen Stefani" Okyle exclaimed in amazement. "Don't you watch E! ze Bucket?"
"Hardly" O replied, rolling his eyes
"Yeeeeeeek, what's that?"
"Chuckle, chuckle. You are such a freaking queen. Not what, but who, my dear OKyle. He he. This is PsyDeska?. I found her at a portal, when I fell into her realm. Don't know how she got here, but she was so cute, I just had to have her."
"PsyDeska? meet OhMyGodItsKyle our resident Casanova"
"Oh, O flattery will get you everywhere" OKyle purred with lust blooming in his eyes. "It’s a pleasure to make your acquaintance Psy. Can I call you Psy?"
"Now, now OKyle. We have more pressing business to attend to. Is your car still functionable?"
"Still functionable?! Darling, It a Ferrari, if it doesn't function we just press ze button"

With that OKyle ran to the car, slid over the hood, and tumbled off the other side. In a flash he was on his feet and moments later the engine was roaring and O and Psy had to run to not be left behind.
"Hold on Misty" thought O as he collapsed into the fluffy pink seat with Psy on his lap. He was utterly exhausted from the nights events and as they almost careened off a cliff into oblivion he shut his eyes and passed out.

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