Wednesday, 24 January 2007

Are you my sister?

One oversized questionmark blocked PsyDesKa?'s view. She had no idea what was going on.
The last thing she remembered was being dragged from the Five-dollar temple by the Hirosuko girls.
She had been warned against them, but they were perfect for her quest. She had 108 sins to work her way through, and she didn't even know what half of them were. When three of the Hirosuko girls came to her bed one night and giggled: "彼女たちのすしを食べた下さい", PsyDesKa? knew that they were the girl scouts that she'd been looking for. And after a finger-lickin' good initiation ceremony, she became a Hirosuko girl.
all this reminiscing still didn't explain to her why she was dragged out of..
(..a bucket?)
dragged from where she was and how she got to..
where she was now.
It also didn't explain why she was sitting on the lap of someone who was wearing a mad grinnnn and not much else. She had to ask him..

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