Tuesday, 9 January 2007

A Bucket Of WoRmS

Misty woke up on the floor after having the most disturbing premonition...
She wailed “Khe-kaaaaah! Khe-kaaaaaah!”” Her sorrowful cry echoed throughout the Bucket as she sensed what had happened.

Princess Pandemonia had been torn from the Bucket realm by the delightfully wicked Hirosuko girls. They broke into the Princess’ palace in the darkest part of the night, carrying her away, giggling manically at their mischievous victory. Misty sensed the girls wanted Pandemonia as their queen or even worse - to sacrifice her to the fashion gods Valentino and Armani... Misty knew the others could feel her distress and they would be with her shortly.

A sharp pain in O’s eye woke him up. Another jolt accompanied by a vision of Misty in pain got him to his feet. He started running only to fall flat on his face in first flight. Expecting a prickly pig, his memory was jolted with his encounter earlier that day. The girl from earth was staring at him, confusion on her face. O cracked a broad smile and jumped to his feet. “Come we must go” he said as he leapt up to the stars dragging the girl behind him, heading straight for the Misty Mountain

On the other side of the Choo Choo, OhMyGodItsKyle fell of his barnstool flattening a rubber mouse in the process. Taking a gulp of his Panagalactic - which he did not spill by the way - he let out a wail of distress. His favorite wannabe lesbians’ presence was fading from the realm, taking with her his OhMyGodItsKyle-ness. He ran for the exit, knocking over a donkey and a goat. Shouts of mayhem filled the air as the inhabitants of the barn tried to reconstruct what had happened. They too had felt Misty’s cry. A ripple surging through the bucket with immense force. Tires sang as OmGiK roared off into the night, in his polka dot Ferrari, with bleats and whinnies filling the chorus.

Meanwhile at the edges of Buckethood, PandeMonia thought. “MMmm, maybe now I could find the opportunity to taste some Japanese school-girl panties........”

All over the Bucket fear and folly began to show their ugly heads.
Whispers of the legend was spreading like wildfire. A tale of a night when the Bucket would feel empty and hollow. Nobody thought it would ever come and now that it had, nobody knew what to do. PandeMonia was everywhere and nowhere to be found.

Little did our heroes know that as they sped to Misty’s aid, certain events had been set in motion. Events that could not be stopped. Events that would change all of them forever.


Bouning Benjamin said...

How can I get into the bucket?

osservatore dela gente said...

two ways. you have to either find the portal that leads to the smokestack wormhole, after which you will probably puke your lungs out, or you have to be invited by one of the bucketeers to use one of their private, much less nauseating teleporters.

mind you, the bucketeers, myself included are a very fussy bunch. we don't allow just anybody into our realm, but keep visiting this space and one of us might take a shine to you, if you are cute. on the other hand, we might just want to have you for breakfast,lunch and dinner, if there is enough to pass around, so think three times before jumping....

osservatore dela gente said...
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