Tuesday, 20 March 2007

An evil scheme in the green...

Misty tried desperately to reach Pandemonia, but she could not be sure that she had succeeded. Behind the eyes of this evil green thing, she was powerless to save her friend. She had tried many times, since this hostile takeover of her body started, to reason with Fanny, but to no avail. She could only watch as Fanny did unmentionable things to her beloved Princess!

Fanny smirked at herself in the mirror. She could feel the Misty inside weeping and was for a moment overcome with undeniable sadness.. but that faded as soon as he remembered Pandemonia’s cries. She felt proud of what she had accomplished in such a short time. She had broken herself a Princess and devastated a nation by stealing their precious Rockchild. Her triumph over Misty was so thrilling that her blood started to boil. It was so exhilarating!

‘What are you so smug about?’ said a voice form the shadows. Fanny swung around, short skirt flailing and coming face to face with OhmygodImFoxy!

Fanny smiled. ‘So you’re Foxy!
‘That I am – and don’t you forget it, sugar!’
‘Sugar is sweet and nothing about me is in any way as you describe – Foxy’ Fanny looked her up and down, licking her lips as she said this.

Foxy seemed to like this, because she smiled and looked over at the unconscious Princess. ‘You seem to have had a rather fruitful morning’, she said - ginning wickedly.

‘That I have – Steff Gwenani’s orders’. She crossed the room so that she could see her fanny in the mirror from a distance. ‘Steff has quite a dubious plan for the Bucketeers. I wonder if her revenge on them will satisfy her. Will she not want more after she has completely destroyed them?’

‘Don’t you worry your skanky little fanny about that.. Miss Gwenani knows exactly what she is doing’. As an afterthought, Foxy said in a conspiratory tone: ‘ The Bucket World will never be the same after her evil plan has been carried out. And there will be no more Bucketeers to stop her’.

‘And she will use the both of us to exact her revenge and to get them out of the way.

I assume you know what she is planning’.

Foxy looked suspiciously at Fanny. ‘You know, Miss Gwenani told me to keep an eye on your voluptuous fanny, Fanny. She’s concerned that The Rockchild will find a way out of the mental cage we’ve trapped her in. As custodian of that body, you are responsible for keeping her spirit under control. DO NOT LET HER GET OUT!’

Fanny glared at her. ‘No chance of that, my dark little cherub. My plans for Misty are quite well set out. I will crush her spirit like a bug. She will never get out’.

Foxy came up close to Fanny, peering deep into her eyes. ‘I can see you in there Misty Rockchild’, she whispered, ‘don’t you get any ideas – I’m watching both of you’.

Fanny took a step back as Foxy’s gynormous cleavage pressed against her. ‘So, tell me’, she said trying to regain her composure, ‘why do you hate your brother OhmygoditsKyle! anyway?’


Anonymous said...

Oh how i would love to press my cleavage against you, my darling fanny!

partieweirdo said...
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Andrew said...

Misty Rocks!