Tuesday, 13 March 2007

pOp goes the plan.

Aaaw, there lies the pretty pandeMonian princess in the Dungeon room of Doom, NAKED and desperate, strapped to a dirty pink Velcro wall in a generally displeased and irate state of frenzy.

“Oh, the destitution that a Princess must adhere to”.

Yes, (sigh) the curse of being powerfully erratic while at the same time so vulnerable……

and yet so lustfully aware of this mundane planets’ never ending endeavour to rid itself of pandeMonia. Ah Pity pity the princess pondered, her play time with this superficial nemesis is becoming rather tiresome; it was slightly amusing but simultaneously torturous all along,
up until that very moment:

That very moment pandeMonia arose to a super skanky horrid smell, and opened her eyes to gaze into this burst of green gunk with a flash of Sadomasochism! iSm ism
Ouch! Frantically confused by her attraction to this damned pile of sleez dripping on her senses,she shrugged a storm of disgust, yet still she couldn’t help but staring... Frightened, she sensed her skin started tingling and her breath got shallow while she was staring into the mounds that the slut keeps on flashing. Oh, disgrace!

Why, do I feel this way? I detest the sight my eyes behold and yet I cannot help to moisten at the sound of the whip lashing to the ground and lashing against the Velcro wall and lashing up uh AAAHH pain, PAIN while it’s lashing against my fucken thigh. Oh Glorious agony! How arousingly disgusted am I in those eyes scanning my nude arms and legs and naked flesh.. those creepy eyes! Those eyes that I cannot stop staring into, for some inexplicable saucy reason. WHAT? What is it? I have to penetrate the depths behind those dirty slutty eyelash battering eyes to feel what it is that is calling out my name in such a pleasurable sensation... and what is it behind those lips licking? Licking themselves and licking my thoughts, racking my brain and groping my mind to determine exactly what it is that I find so Mistyfying about this whorish creature? So dark and evil and magnetically irresistible:
Look, stare, gaze search: harder deeper faster, have to hear the voice, have to see the sight, have to feel the flesh of of aauh aawh, OH (wait a minute,

while I catch my breath from reaching this looong awaited {oh} climax of being! Melting with awe into the realisation of Misty! iSty isty
all the other thoughts and screams of sensation got lost in the instant wave of pandeMonian explosion of pleasure while time froze for a moment in the pastures of energy. Till she returned to catch her breath in order to purr:

My Misty it is only YOU who can bring me to orgasm through our psychedelic interlinked connection!”
and NOOO Psydeska i am YOUR mother! (though not even she could figure out where that came from)
“Oh Misty!, behold your hot bod in that tight white kitty smitten suit and press it against my nude strapped body to release me from this erotic torture chamber! Misty, why not even dark superficial voodoo magic could ever withhold our psychic bond, oozing with our very essence of bucket being!”

Well, well well, unfortunately the reject diva (aka Steff Punani oops Gwenani) did not take the psychedelic-interlinked-bucket-being-connection into consideration. Or pandeMonia’s super power, or even more importantly: Misty’s super duper power.. Now Super Evil Stef's superficial silly little voodoo magic trick was almost as inefficient as her weak bladder.

Pity pity the perky pop princess..