Monday, 4 December 2006

Hear Ye, Hear Ye

I am the BUCKET *pauses to accentuate ze importance of his royal master.... THE BUCKET* and this is my domain. I welcome all to this wonderful dimension filled with colour, excitement, friendship and beautifully mesmerizing flying pigs. I trust that every one or two or twenty had a pleasant journey to this, this land where anything may happen and a lot more shall. It is my great joy to bestow upon the elusive few who made it past the smokestack wormhole the BIG BUCKET's LICK OF APPROVAL without which there is just no point in being here, there or anywhere really.

As all will come to know, I am a BUCKET of a few words and will only speak when I deem it absolutely neccessary. My domain will be taken care off and seen to by my brilliantly talented, gorgeously attractive and mind-numbingly intelligent offspring. They, busy monkeys that they are, you know with all their plans to take over the world, will introduce themselves in due course. For now though, fasten your seatbelts, thighten your knickers, keep your arms and legs tucked inside whatever you are driving and never, ever swallow your gum.

In the name of all the BUCKETS before me and all those still to come, including "the little bucket who could", I declare this party started!

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