Monday, 4 December 2006

the day it all started...

It was a dark and stormy night. Ok not really.
It was a saturday afternoon.
A particularly sunny afternoon and 5 friends sat quite lifelessly, scattered randomly across miss Pandemonia's flat. It was a room like every other, dreadfully square, filled with odd furniture, little kitsch nik-naks, forgotten memerobilia... pieces of area 53's crashed spacecraft and a bucket. So yes, a room like every other room.
Pandemonia was stretched out on the pink couch, slowly concentrating on blinking. It was a particularly hard task for dear P. She was quite exhausted from all the focusing. Together with the mammoth task of breathing, she was positively 'pooped'.
OhmyGoditsKyle! ;who was sitting next to Mr Wrapped; was staring lustfully at the delectible Misty. He wanted to touch her, devour her luxurious flesh, but knew that Pandemonia would not allow it. They were a couple... an imaginary couple of wannabe lesbians.
Leeloo Multipass was listfully paging thru a book on world domination. He needed the info for THE GROUP's evil plan. What PLAN? you may ask. The plan! A plan unlike any other. A plan to invade a bridal shoppe and try on dresses for no apparent reason. We liked our plan. It made no sense. And that was quite good...
Hmmmm.....OhmygoditsKyle! pondered, stroking the bucket, "where will this go?"

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