Monday, 5 February 2007

Fanny of DOOM!

‘Where is your Mistress?’ O demanded from the fuzzy monkey thing that stormed out to meet them.

Hieronymous looked deeply troubled and he beckoned for the O, Ohmygodit’sKyle! and Psydeska to follow him up the winding staircase.

When they reached Misty’s private chambers, Hieronymous -the fuzzy monkey thing hesitated.. ‘She’s in there’, he said, already running in the opposite direction.

O-Kyle! Wasted no time bursting in. From where they were standing, they were met with a gruesome sight!

Standing in front of a mirror – checking herself out – was Misty…. Or was it?

I knew you would come’ she said with a scowl on her face.

Suddenly she keeled over and screamed: ‘HELP! Something as taken over my body! It’s not me! Don’t listen to her!!!’

The others were horrified as Misty transformed in front of their eyes.

‘Misty!’ cried O. What looked like a green cloud was enveloping Misty and she was seizing all over. The screaming was unbearable, it sounded so painful! O-Kyle! Ran to her, but was knocked onto the floor instantly.

Then suddenly – there was silence. Misty lay on the floor, a green steam coming off her body. Just as suddenly she jumped up and started laughing hysterically.

Everyone could see that it was no longer the same Misty.

‘You stupid insignificUnt losers! Your pretty little Misty is no more!


‘What have you done to her!’ demanded O.

The not-Misty sneered and let out a howl – ‘I am the Fanny Flasher! And I have taken possession of this body! Try and stop me suckers! Your Misty is no more!’

‘Fanny Flasher? What kind of a name is that?’ O-Kyle! wanted to know.

‘I am the evil spirit of all that is skanky and impure! Feel my wrath!’ she screamed as she turned around, bending over and lifting up her already too short skirt – flashing her fanny at them!

‘Nnnoooooo-ooooooo! It’s too horrible!’ Hieronymous yelled. He had just reappeared out of nowhere. ‘Give us back our Rockchild!’

Fanny Flasher laughed maniacally again and jumped up into the air – disappearing in a cloud of green steam. The Misty Mountains glowed a sickeningly green glow.

Meanwhile – back at the Secret Underground Facility of Doom…

‘Who’s there!’ demanded Steff Gwenani.

‘It’s only me’ Fanny said with a victorious smile. ‘Our diabolically evil plan worked!’

They shared a long drawn-out spot of evil laughter as Steff led Fanny down to the Dungeon Room of Doom. Upon opening the door, Fanny smiled an evil little smile, seeing Pandemonia all strapped to the wall.

‘Let the fun begin’ she said with a nasty green glimmer in her eye, walking towards the struggling Princess, licking her lips in anticipation...

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Anonymous said...

misZ Scarlet couldn't help but giggle whorishly at the demented brilliance of it all. Poor Paris... i mean FANNY FLASHER doesn't stand a chance.